What We Do...

National Asset Resolution LLC provides third party liquidation, collection, and restructuring services to financial institutions; due diligence consulting to loan pool, debt instrument, and real estate purchasers; and workout assistance to debtors. N.A.R. has the legal, brokerage and workout experience to maximize the liquidation value of troubled assets.

Who We Are

For twenty years, our teams of real estate brokers, attorneys, asset managers, and liquidation specialists have focused on representing institutional and private clients to resolve troubled real estate and mortgaged assets.

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How We Work

NAR's team of professionals perform due diligence analysis of loans and other debt instruments and underlying collateral, then develop a liquidation strategy designed to maximize recovery on the asset.

Together with our property management affiliate, we can secure all collateral, make entry, collect rents, handle maintenance and repairs and improve property value overall. We package pools of loans for debt holders and manage their sale to investors.


White House Offers Bill to Restrict Big Banks’ Actions

March 8th, 2010

The Obama administration put forward legislation on Wednesday to rein in the size and scope of the nation’s largest banks. But the proposal faces strong resistance in Congress, where lawmakers have shown little appetite for adding to the prolonged debate on overhauling financial regulations.

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