About NAR

NAR’s principals are Michael J. Burkin, Esq.  and Richard W. Jagolta.  Our strength lies in the unique perspective we summon from our experience on all sides of the distressed asset table.  We have direct experience as lenders and loan syndicators, loan workout specialists at FDIC and other debt holders, and, conversely, as advisors to debtors seeking amicable resolutions to their problems.  We are licensed and active brokers of residential and commercial real estate, as well as investors in real estate for our own accounts.  We are real estate attorneys representing buyers, sellers, syndicators, lenders, and debt holders exercising their legal remedies.  We  retain and oversee property managers for a wide array of commercial and residential real estate projects.  We have been hands-on managers successfully leading the turnaround of operating companies.  We have personally effected the liquidation of hundreds of millions of dollars in distressed assets, ranging from residential properties to office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, theaters, marinas, and industrial complexes.

Our Principals